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Lindsay TAYLOR

may 2024 member OF THE MONTH

Lindsey joined Astley Sports Village 10 months ago. Lindsey set herself the goals of improving her general health and wellbeing along with building up her self confidence, so she joined her sister at some of our group exercise classes and immediately fell in love with exercise.

This was a huge step and what has in turn become a huge achievement for Lindsey as she suffered with nerves and anxiety before entering the Gym environment. Stepping out of her comfort we know took a lot of willpower and determination. By making that first step and stepping out of her comfort zone to come into a gym is more and more common and we love seeing the transformation as now, Lindsey is a regular face in so many of our weekly group exercise classes and in the Gym. Always smiling, always giving her full effort and certainly now a key part of the member and staff banter :) 

Lindsey varies her weekly workout regime with Kettlebell classes, BOX30, FLEX IT along with utilising the free Personal Training sessions fpcusing pn that effective mixture of cardio and resistance training to achieve her incredible results since joining us.

She always brings a big smile with positive energy to every class and is the perfect example of someone over coming a fear and it having a hugely positive impact on her everyday life.

We are all super proud of her progress over the past 10 months, well done Lindsey!


Astley Sports Village Fitness Team














Previous member of the month success stories



Carole and Ian joined us here at Astley Sports Village just before Christmas after hearing about the Over 50s sessions that we run on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning. 

Both wanted to improve their general fitness, improve their strength and become more active to support their overall physical and mental well-being.

The Over50s session was a great way of getting started for Carole and Ian. Both newcomers to a Gym environment and some slight apprehension of making that first step of undergoing a 'workout' they quickly overcome this initial barrier and now regulars to the sessions every week.

After just a few months Carole had lost almost a stone in weight and now experiencing less discomfort with an old back injury. Ian had gained much of the fitness and strength that he had previously when he worked out regularly.  Spurred on by their new workout regime we now see Carole attending and loving our Tuesday evening Clubbercise class and both now also incorporating our new Roll & Recover Group PT sessions.

What strikes you most about this couple is their bubbly personalities and positive outlook.  It's so great to see couples working out together, encouraging each other and focusing on their fitness goals as a team.  On a recent holiday to the Lake District,  Carole said that she climbed hills she struggled with on their last visit and both have commented on how much fitter and healthier they feel.  

Such a great couple, an absolute joy to have in classes and a fantastic example of how exercising together can have such a positive impact.  Well done both! 

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team


Sarah Wrigley


Huge ASV shout out and kudos to ASV Member, Sarah Wrigley who has so far to date lost a very impressive 10 stone since July 2022. As you can see from her before and now photos she has done incredible! 


How has she done it?

Through being consistent with her workout routine making sure she exercises in some shape or form daily. From Gym workouts to outdoor walking to fitting in some home workout routines using a range of online workout content when she is pushed for time. 

Having this drive and determination is paying off and it is great to see Sarah walk into the Gym and Group Exercise with more self confidence than ever before and always comes in with a smile and that positive workout mindset to come in and get the job done.

Many will have seen Sarah in the Gym putting in the cardio work on the treadmill before heading down to her group exercise class making great use of her membership package and time.

Keep up the amazing work Sarah its great to see and clearly show to so many people who are looking to loose weight that with regular exercise, a good nutrition regime and the right mindset you can achieve those weight loss goals!

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team